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A Lover's Call

Where are you, my beloved? Are you in that little
Paradise, watering the flowers who look upon you
As infants look upon the breast of their mothers?
Or are you in your chamber where the shrine of
Virtue has been placed in your honor, and upon
Which you offer my heart and soul as sacrifice?

Or amongst the books, seeking human knowledge,
While you are replete with heavenly wisdom?

Oh companion of my soul, where are you? Are you
Praying in the temple? Or calling Nature in the
Field, haven of your dreams?

Are you in the huts of the poor, consoling the
Broken-hearted with the sweetness of your soul, and
Filling their hands with your bounty?

You are God's spirit everywhere;
You are stronger than the ages.

Do you have memory of the day we met, when the halo of
You spirit surrounded us, and the Angels of Love
Floated about, singing the praise of the soul's deed?

Do you recollect our sitting in the shade of the
Branches, sheltering ourselves from Humanity, as the ribs
Protect the divine secret of the heart from injury?

Remember you the trails and forest we walked, with hands
Joined, and our heads leaning against each other, as if
We were hiding ourselves within ourselves?

Recall you the hour I bade you farewell,
And the Maritime kiss you placed on my lips?
That kiss taught me that joining of lips in Love
Reveals heavenly secrets which the tongue cannot utter!

That kiss was introduction to a great sigh,
Like the Almighty's breath that turned earth into man.

That sigh led my way into the spiritual world,
Announcing the glory of my soul; and there
It shall perpetuate until again we meet.

I remember when you kissed me and kissed me,
With tears coursing your cheeks, and you said,
"Earthly bodies must often separate for earthly purpose,
And must live apart impelled by worldly intent.

"But the spirit remains joined safely in the hands of
Love, until death arrives and takes joined souls to God.

"Go, my beloved; Love has chosen you her delegate;
Over her, for she is Beauty who offers to her follower
The cup of the sweetness of life.
As for my own empty arms, your love shall remain my
Comforting groom; you memory, my Eternal wedding."

Where are you now, my other self? Are you awake in
The silence of the night? Let the clean breeze convey
To you my heart's every beat and affection.

Are you fondling my face in your memory? That image
Is no longer my own, for Sorrow has dropped his
Shadow on my happy countenance of the past.

Sobs have withered my eyes which reflected your beauty
And dried my lips which you sweetened with kisses.

Where are you, my beloved? Do you hear my weeping
From beyond the ocean? Do you understand my need?
Do you know the greatness of my patience?

Is there any spirit in the air capable of conveying
To you the breath of this dying youth? Is there any
Secret communication between angels that will carry to
You my complaint?

Where are you, my beautiful star? The obscurity of life
Has cast me upon its bosom; sorrow has conquered me.

Sail your smile into the air; it will reach and enliven me!
Breathe your fragrance into the air; it will sustain me!

Where are you, me beloved?
Oh, how great is Love!
And how little am I!

BY Khalil Gibran


  1. diamondmum said...
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  2. diamondmum said...

    I love the writings of Khalil Gibran...especial "The Prophet"

    thanks for sharing this!

  3. Lynn Emery said...

    Thanks for sharing the lovely poem.

  4. New Creations said...

    is it true love ?

  5. Anonymous said...

    yeah i love to cuddle up with my girl..
    after i read a phoem ^_^

  6. Anna Aron said...

    nice idea for student's research.

  7. Heath said...

    Amazing prose :)

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  8. armywife65 said...

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    Thumbs up to them.
    Very nice blog, thanks for sharing it with me.

  9. Anonymous said...

    i love the pic above its cool

  10. RennyBA said...

    Great post - nice poem and a provocatively good picture :-)

    RennyBA's Terella

  11. kikolani said...

    I love his writing. We are using a piece from The Prophet, on Marriage, as part of our wedding ceremony. Thanks for sharing this!

    ~ Kristi

  12. Sadia Hussain said...

    Khalil Gibran is one of my favorites. I often quote him In my "Embedded Quotations".

  13. Lydia said...

    Really loved reading the Gibran poem you posted here. Thank you!

  14. Melissa said...

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  15. neeta said...

    thanks for sharing the lovely poems. its great...and i like your pic above....its cool dear..

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