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Maintain Your Eyes to Seeing The World Miracles

Eyes play a vital role as a window for us to see the world and for the world to see what’s hidden within us. Inside, components of microscopic and delicate parts are working hard each second to give us the miracle of vision. Here several tips to maintain a healthy of your eyes.

To maintain a healthy condition of your eyes, pay attention to several important points. When your eyes feel exhausted and itchy, that means your eyes need to have a rest. Take a 40-minute break from work that requires you to focus with your eyes, like working in front of computer. Take a walk for a while and look at distant objects.

Use sun glasses to protect your eyes from dangerous ultra violet rays when you are doing outdoor activities. Stop smoking because it could increase the risk of macular degeneration and optics nerve damage. In some cases where your eye disease is hereditary, share information to family members so that they can be checked and prevented immediately.

With regards to children, watch out of any other symptoms if they hold objects too closely when looking at them. We mush also heed their complaints of dizziness or headaches, or when they have difficulties concentrating, blink too much or rub their eyes.

Do not forget nutrition for the eyes. Increase consumption of vitamin A, C, E, zinc and carotene. These could be obtained from eating nuts, vegetable oils like olive oil, fish and dairy products. Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables like oranges, honeydew melon and broccoli. (Source from any refference eyes health and tips)


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hello my friend - This is a very informative and accurate article. Recently had lens replacement surgery; now take Preservision vitamins subscribed by Dr. Quit smoking nine years ago.

    Thank you.

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